Thames Enterprise Park

Thames Enterprise Park is a 415-acre site within Thames Gateway, North West Europe’s largest single regeneration initiative. RPS is providing a range of infrastructure and utility consultancy services to support the redevelopment of this brownfield site into a multi-disciplinary enterprise park.

Key details

Project name
Thames Enterprise Park

Thames Gateway, England

Services provided

  • Energy and utility infrastructure
  • Technical design consultant
  • Distribution network operator (DNO) liaison




The biggest challenge of the scheme has been its location. Identifying and securing the desired capacities for the development and engineering the solutions to deliver these to the point of requirement posed a significant challenge and prolonged negotiation with the network operators and current occupiers.

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We undertook an assessment focusing on existing infrastructure in the area. Early processes allowed us to highlight opportunities and challenges to the project, enabling the development of a strategy for electricity, gas, water and telecommunications. Further considerations for the project on the subject of ground contamination, infrastructure flexibility and future capacity demands evolved from this process. 

RPS acted as technical design consultant for the site’s infrastructure, engineering the potential composition to give viable and realistic options whilst achieving the outcomes desired by the client, developers and potential occupants. Exploring and reviewing the options for the site allowed for the reworking of current provisions, economical investment and energy generation, storage and management. 

We also represented the client as a distribution network operator (DNO) liaison. Strategies within the project used financial models to make comparisons of all the outcomes on both short-term and long-term basis, allowing the client to make informed decisions at all times. 

Managed progression of the installation of infrastructure was based on the client’s decisions on strategy, in addition to the chosen solutions for the project. RPS commitments to client’s views and outside influences (including government considerations, external parties and legislation) were always taken into account to avoid any conflicting issues. 

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