Peat Extraction and Composting

RPS was retained by a large plc to examine a number of UK based peat extraction, waste processing and composting facilities (the target) as part of their plans to expand operations into this sector.

Initial work with the target involved conducting an assessment of commercial market conditions to establish where feedstock would be sourced in the region (centred on the target’s core waste processing site) and to inform our client of the wider regulatory and market issues that may affect the sector in the near future.

Following the market assessment, due diligence was conducted on the environmental and planning aspects of the UK target sites, examining environmental compliance, permitting and land development constraints and providing indicative costs for price negotiation and future development options.

Key details

Project name

  • Peat Extraction & Composting Facilities


  • Energy & Waste Management Plc


  • UK

Services provided

  • Environmental Due Diligence
  • Planning Due Diligence
  • Commercial Market Feedstock Review
  • Contaminated Land & Geotechnical Review
  • Civil Engineering
  • Topographic Survey
  • Utilities Survey


The target company was being sold under a tight timeframe and without the full knowledge of the workforce and so it was imperative to retain a high degree of confidentiality throughout the process.

DD Composting - project image - shutterstock_1142169860_Websize.png


Through our experience in dealing with similar other due diligence programmes, RPS was able to use appropriate cover stories to disguise the questions asked and to employ alternative lines of enquiry to inform the due diligence process.

The whole process was conducted sensitively under a tight timeframe to allow our client to make an informed decision.

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