Milton Park, Didcot

RPS has been providing energy and utility infrastructure consultancy services to our client in connection with the enabling works at Milton Park. This includes the clearance of the existing site and co-ordinated construction of a new access road with the delivery of utilities infrastructure to future units.

Key details

Project name
Milton Park, Didcot

Savills Investment Management


Services provided:

  • Energy and utility infrastructure
  • Developer’s agent


The site was crossed by strategic electrical and water infrastructure, severely constraining the ability to develop it effectively. It was therefore necessary to formulate and agree diversionary routes for both utilities ensuring that visual, environmental and costs impacts were minimised. Additionally, the diversions and the provision of new utility supplies needed to be accelerated to ensure the successful completion of an adjacent plot sale. 

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Initially RPS provided existing utility infrastructure advice, assessment of existing infrastructure constraints and capacity profiling services for the proposed site. Being involved from such an early stage allowed us to work with other concerned parties; assisting in the various decisions shaping the progression of the development. 

We were subsequently appointed as developer’s consultant for the enabling works, identifying a contractor to deliver the contestable elements of the new infrastructure and diversionary works required, and liaising with the statutory bodies to ensure the successful delivery of the non-contestable elements of the works. 

Key factors have included: 

  • Development and delivery of the principal programme periods and requirements with the developer and main contractor. 
  • Management and coordination of service providers. 
  • Commercial programming and coordination of the relevant Section 50, Section 104 and Section 278 notices and works with the main contractor. 
  • Clarification and agreement of legal Easements and Wayleaves required for works to be undertaken. 

Successful completion of the above allowed for the physical development of the site to progress, with breaking of ground occurring in the summer of 2018, and implementation of the vision for the site continuing apace. 

Key issues to be addressed during this phase include: 

  • Management and assessment of risk elements and implementation of solutions in conjunction with the main contractor. 
  • Ensuring diversion implementation and adoption of contestable works by the regional DNOs is completed by the contractor. 
  • Coordination / implementation of programme through to go-live with developer’s agents and preferred service providers. 
  • Monitoring successful completion of the project to required timescales and budgets. 

Throughout the project’s life-cycle, RPS has taken part in extensive negotiations with regional and national distribution network operators, local authorities and other statutory bodies to ensure the necessary approvals and works to allow the successful delivery of this scheme.

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