Maritime Independent Safety and Environmental Auditing

On behalf of The Maritime Combat Systems (MCS) DT, we provided Independent Safety and Environment Auditor (ISEA) services including audit of key project documents and of MCS teams’ safety and environmental management systems. We reviewed safety and environmental cases for ship and submarine equipment such as combat management systems, communication systems, remote operated vehicles and whole platform management systems and other such systems used across the whole Navy.

Key details

Project name
Maritime Independent Safety Auditing

Ministry of Defence


Services provided

  • Independent safety audit
  • Safety assessment
  • Regulatory compliance monitoring



The contract is complex and demanding, presenting a variety of challenges, not least of which is an understanding the context for each Safety Case and the appropriate legislation and standards. 

Under this contract the challenge is to provide Independent Safety and Environmental Audit / Advice to five programme areas, including: Underwater and Electronic Warfare (UEW); Communications and Situational Awareness (CSA); Maritime Training Acquisition Organisation (MTAO); Fleet Wide Combat Management Systems (FW CMS); Maritime Electronic Warfare Programme (MEWP). Each area has different complications and many systems were significantly behind with their safety and environmental assurance process.

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Using a dedicated team, the solution was to implement ASEMS and MoD polices, including production of an overarching safety and environmental audit programme to cover the whole remit of the MCS team supporting development of: SEM plans, hazard logs, legislation and standards registers, and; Safety and Environmental Case Reports to POSMS and POEMS. The project also included supporting safety and environmental working group and panel meetings incorporating safety and environmental legislation and hazard identification, risk assessments, environmental screening and scoping and management reviews. 

Our advice has helped to support the project team in reducing the project safety risks not just for individual equipment but throughout the structure of the organisation. 

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