Heritage consultancy to achieve outline planning permission and address heritage requirements for the conservation of the ruins of a 19th century mill

We were appointed as heritage consultants and successfully assisted the client team in achieving outline planning permission on this large greenfield site, despite initial opposition on heritage grounds. Following planning permission, we managed a complex suite of fieldwork, secured by a Heritage Asset Management Strategy which included: archaeological trial trenching, excavation, heritage outreach including information boards; and the conservation plan for the consolidation and conservation of the ruins of a 19th century mill.

Key details

Project name
Land east of Billingshurst

Devine Homes, Persimmon Homes, Bellway Homes

Billingshurst, West Sussex


Services provided

  • Archaeological and built heritage consultancy
  • Heritage desk based assessment
  • Archaeology and cultural heritage environmental statement
  • Archaeological project management
  • Heritage asset management strategy including a conservation management plan


The site is a large strategic greenfield site located immediately to the east of the eastern extent of Billingshurst Conservation Area and close to a number of listed buildings. In addition, a known non-designated heritage asset lay on the site (the ruins of a 19th century mill); and the site’s location close to a Roman road suggested there was potential for remains of archaeological significance to survive on the site, most likely dating to the Roman period.

Land East of Billingshurst - project image (Ruins of 19th century mill, Billinshurst).jpg

Our heritage solution

Our knowledge, experience and independence from any contracting or local authority organisation allowed us to provide valuable and cost-effective advice to the client team. We successfully achieved outline planning permission and subsequently addressed the heritage requirements secured by planning conditions on the outline consent. We undertook:

  • Heritage desk-based assessment
  • Preparation of archaeology and cultural heritage chapter of Environmental Statement.
  • Negotiations with the Local Authority’s Conservation Officer and archaeological advisor.
  • Preparation of heritage asset management strategy required as a condition of outline consent which included a strategy for undertaking archaeological trial trenching, excavation, heritage outreach including information boards and trails and the consolidation and conservation of the ruins of the 19th mill.
  • Project management of all archaeological fieldwork to ensure it was undertaken as appropriate, on time and in budget to ensure the requirements of the condition were satisfied.

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