Corporate strategy development for Shaftesbury PLC

Shaftesbury, as a property investment company in central London, recognises the importance of sustainability in the underpinning of its operations. We have been working with Shaftesbury since 2002 and in that time has assisted them in developing and implementing their sustainability strategy. We now provide a part time seconded consultant to further embed the strategy throughout the business.   

Key details

Project name

Corporate Strategy Development for Shaftesbury PLC


Shaftesbury PLC


Central London

Services provided

  • Development and implementation of corporate sustainability strategy
  • Mandatory greenhouse gas emission reporting
  • BREEAM for domestic and non-domestic refurbishment


Property developers or investors are increasingly required to demonstrate not only that the developments they are building satisfy 'sustainability' criteria as measured by BREEAM and other certification bodies, but that their own businesses are managed in a socially responsible manner. The two are closely linked.

By embedding corporate social responsibility (CSR) into the core of its business, the developer and/or investor will easily be able to demonstrate adoption of best practice in sustainable design and throughout their operations.

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Through identifying Shaftesbury’s key environmental, social and community issues, it has been possible to prioritise those requiring attention and establish programmes for improvement. The emphasis has been on pragmatic and achievable objectives, which are consistent with Shaftesbury’s business activities.

We have assisted in the implementation throughout its portfolio by close involvement with Shaftesbury’s management teams and managing agents. We also annually audits Shaftesbury’s progress and reports on their activities as part of the company’s reporting strategy.

During the course of the ongoing contract we have provided the following deliverables:

  • Engaging with Shaftesbury’s principal suppliers (project managers and managing agents) in the implementation of the CSR strategy and advising the suppliers on trends in sustainability and environmental requirements e.g. a detailed series of checklists for completion including legislation, specification of sustainable building materials and design, environmental impact, chain of custody for certified timber and waste management. The checklists are reviewed annually to ensure trends in sustainable development policy and practice as well as legislation requirements are addressed.
  • Undertaking an annual review of refurbishment sites and management of Shaftesbury’s portfolio and drafting a publication on the company’s website. The review includes collation and analysis of performance data for energy use, waste, water, resource use, biodiversity, health and safety performance, social and community engagement. The performance of the key suppliers – project managers, site managers and managing agents is assessed as part of this review.
  • Annual completion of submissions to FTSE4Good, GRESB, CDP and others as required.
  • Engagement with sectoral stakeholder groups to inform Shaftesbury’s ongoing strategy.
  • In addition, RPS provides BREEAM certification support for both domestic and non domestic refurbishment schemes.

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