Business Stream Water Leakage Detection for East Ayrshire Council

Our expertise in leakage detection and repair was instrumental in identifying and repairing a critical water leak for our client Business Stream, rectifying a long-standing leakage issue for East Ayrshire Council.

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Business Stream


Galston, East Ayrshire, Scotland

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Water Leakage Detection


Business Stream had received a high water consumption report from the East Ayrshire Council for Loudoun Academy. Despite a previous leakage contractor carrying out a comprehensive leakage survey that included multiple trail holes, the leak was never found.

The Academy was a very large site that shared space with a sports centre and had two water mains (for fire and domestic), so a methodical leakage solution was needed to identify the leak.

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We first isolated the internal stop taps to determine whether the leak was external. After this was proven to be the case, we conducted a leakage survey using a correlator and sounding sticks, but the use of plastic mains prevented noise detection.

We then conducted a step test process by isolating several valves, while at the same time monitoring the flow levels on the water meter, to narrow down the location of the leak.


The step flow test helped us pinpoint the location of the leak within 100 metres. The use of a ground microphone further helped us identify the exact location of the leak within the main fire hydrant. Once identified, the leak was then repaired swiftly by the leakage repair and maintenance contractor.

Our work saved an estimated £20,561 per year. Our on-site contact from East Ayrshire Council was delighted when we found the leak, as this had been an ongoing issue for some time.

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