Business Stream water efficiency solutions for schools in Glasgow

We proposed and enacted robust solutions to address water efficiency issues that were flagged in high consumption survey reports for two primary schools in Glasgow, on behalf of our client, Business Stream.

Key details


Business Stream


Glasgow, Scotland

Services provided:

  • Water efficiency surveys
  • Plumbing rectifications


Glasgow City Council contacted Business Stream to report high water consumption levels at two of their sites, Notre Dame Primary School and Riverside Primary School. Business Stream carried out high-water consumption surveys at both properties and passed these on to us for review.

water leakage


Our water specialists conducted a high-level water efficiency scoping survey at both the schools, to review the issues noted in the high consumption survey reports. This helped us formulate smart solutions to increase water efficiency.

We then made a follow-up visit to both properties, where our smart solutions were put into practice by way of minor plumbing rectification works at key locations within both schools.


Our work permanently resolved issues that previously had only various temporary fixes applied. We solved recurring water problems that mattered both to school employees and Glasgow City Council.

As a result, we brought down the combined water consumption across both sites by 94m3 per day, a reduction in 75% of peak water usage and a combined saving of over £3,000 per month.

Project statistics

94 metres (cubed)
Daily reduction of water consumption
Percentage of peak water usage reduced
Minimum combined savings per month

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