Bushfire Assessment - Subdivision

RPS has combined bushfire planning expertise with leading-edge spatial investigation to support due diligence and inform the design of a residential development proposal in Townsville, North Queensland.


With the proposed development site positioned over approximately 120ha on a previously undeveloped ridge line, our client knew that careful assessment would be critical to determine the viability and inform future approvals and design.

Understanding that site specifics such as slope, vegetation type and density and natural terrain features all contribute to and can compound fire risk, RPS environmental specialists were engaged to complete a comprehensive bushfire assessment and offer strategic recommendations on design, management and protection measures.


Bushfire spreading throughout a forest in the evening lighting the trees up in yellow and orange.


Bringing environmental management and spatial teams together, we utilised in-house light detection and ranging (LiDAR) capabilities to accurately determine both the vertical vegetation profile and slope of the ground surface. LiDAR is a low-impact spatial information capture technique that allows teams to compile vast amounts of detailed information about a site with minimal time spent on the ground.

Armed with a highly accurate picture of the site’s characteristics, RPS bushfire management and planning specialists were able to complete complex multi-variable analysis of potential bushfire behaviour and radiant heat flux exposure.

Following this assessment, we provided detailed recommendations to our client that informed site-appropriate design, siting, egress and defendable spaces, enabling its development team to make informed decisions about the proposed site envelope, feasibility and yield.


Project Statistics

Ha site
$25m +
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