Built heritage assessment for the redevelopment of Strategic Industrial Land known as Ruby Triangle

Our team supported the application for the redevelopment of 1ha site on Old Kent Road, with a large proportion of the site designated as Strategic Industrial Land (SIL). The proposed, mixed-use, development is the first major scheme to come forward as part of the Council’s draft Old Kent Road Area Action Plan (OKRAAP).

Key details

Project name

Ruby Triangle 




Old Kent Road, London

Services provided

  • Built Heritage
  • Archaeology 

Archaeology and heritage challenge

Due to the proposed heights of the buildings, there was potential for the development to impact upon the settings of numerous built heritage assets surrounding the Site, as well as locally listed buildings within the site. The site is adjacent to the recently listed gasholder, and in close proximity to a number of non-designated heritage assets identified within the OKRAAP which Southwark requested be included in the built heritage assessment.

Ruby Triangle.png

Archaeology and heritage solution

The scheme includes 1,152 residential dwellings (of which 40.5% are affordable), as well as retail, business and community spaces including a public sports hall and gym, and a large area of public open space in the centre of the site. Our team completed a built heritage assessment and in October 2018 the scheme was approved by Southwark’s Planning Committee, subject to a Section 106 Agreement. The planning application has been referred to the Mayor, Secretary of State and the Health and Safety Executive (because of proximity to the former gasworks) for consideration.

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