Offshore wind in Australia and New Zealand

Offshore wind has the potential to play a key role in achieving net zero targets in Australia and New Zealand / Aotearoa. With the industry still in its infancy, RPS is working with clients, governments, and stakeholders at each stage of development in the region.

As with any new industry, there are many challenges as well as opportunities to manage. From site selection, marine studies and approvals through to asset management and future sales – RPS has the global reach, local expertise and know-how to guide offshore wind developers through the process.

The opportunity and responsibility to get it right – from the beginning - is front of mind for our consultants. Our experts are drawing on lessons learnt in other jurisdictions as well as extensive experience in energy and renewables to inform their work and realise the potential of offshore wind off the Australian and New Zealand coastlines.

Learn more about our work and our team below.

Key lessons Australia can take from the UK offshore wind experience

With the Australian offshore wind industry in its infancy, it’s important we establish some fundamentals at the outset. We can do that – in part – if we look a little further offshore.

Offshore wind Aberdeen UK 2018

Beyond offshore wind approvals – unlocking value for a future sale

What you can do now – during the development phase – to maximise value in a possible future sale process. Keeping one eye on the horizon, decisions you make now will impact the value of your wind farm in the future.

looking out to sea

The need for industry collaboration on baseline surveys

We need a new approach to conducting ecological baseline studies that provides understanding at biologically relevant scales, supports regulators in making decisions and maximises cost efficiencies for offshore wind farm developers.

Two seals exiting the water on white sand beach - clear water and shore break in background with another seal riding the wave into the beach

Supporting a potential offshore wind development in New Zealand/Aotearoa

RPS is excited to be working on the first phase of a potential offshore wind farm development off the west coast of New Zealand / Aotearoa.

offshore wind farm for potential off NZ 2

Offshore Electricity Infrastructure Draft Regulations: and overview for industry

Late 2021, the Australian Government passed the Commonwealth Offshore Electricity Infrastructure Act 2021 into law. Here are a few key takeaways from the draft regulations and cost recovery plan, and what they could mean for projects seeking a feasibility license.

Wind turbines being installed with a crane offshore. Blue ocean and blue sky with completed turbines in foreground and background.

Early stakeholder engagement is vital for offshore wind success

Underestimating the impact of community and stakeholder engagement on the success or failure of a project can be costly, impact reputation and can see projects cancelled altogether. Engagement with stakeholders is more than just a consideration these days, its an expectation!

skateboard planted in the sand with the ocean backdrop

Jeremy Fitzpatrick: This marine life

He's been fascinated with the marine environment since childhood and now leads a team of marine scientist across Australia Asia Pacific, meet RPS' National Service Line Leader – Marine Science, Jeremy Fitzpatrick.

Jeremy Fitzpatrick - National Lead, Marine Sciences
Jeremy Fitzpatrick

Jeremy Fitzpatrick

National Lead - Marine Sciences T: +61 8 9211 1111
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Perth - Subiaco | Australia
Tamara Al-Hashimi

Tamara Al-Hashimi

Technical Director - Marine Science T: +61 8 9211 1111 Email
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Perth - Subiaco | Australia
Headshot of Tony Judd, RPS Principal Consultant

Tony Judd

Practice Leader – Environment & Approvals, VIC T: +61 3 9417 9700 Email
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Melbourne | Australia

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