Occupational Health Booking System

Our occupational health booking system makes it easy to book appointments for all of our health services – enabling you to proactively support the health, safety and wellbeing of your employees.

To access the booking system, click here >>> Booking system

Why it matters

Managing your employee’s health, well-being and attendance at work, has never been more important. With the right support and procedures in place, occupational health interventions can play a vital role in supporting you in your compliance with relevant health and safety legislation.

We provide specialist Occupational Health support when you need it.

Peace of mind for employers

If you do not have a regular Occupational Health Provider in your organisation, our booking system enables you to access professional accredited Occupational Health services at a time that is convenient to you, without a framework contract. You can simply pay as you go.

Whether you are a Public Limited Company (PLC) or a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME), our booking system has the scope and flexibility to meet your requirements. It is clear, easy to use, secure and provides you with an intuitive web–based user experience, making it easy to book appointments for your employees.

Appointments made easy

Whether you’re a guest or one of our existing customers, you can efficiently book and pay for your occupational health appointments using our booking system. Once an appointment has been made, you can log in to view and manage your appointments. Take a look at how the entire process works below. 


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