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Your carbon footprint might be complex, but your journey to net zero doesn’t have to be.

With RPS, you will work in partnership with a trusted advisor – your carbon champion – to give you confidence at every stage.



A climate strategy starts by understanding your current climate impact and identifying a baseline. Our experts will review or calculate your total greenhouse gas emissions, undertake a strategic review of your business and help you define your goals.

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We will help you to set a science-based target and work with you to shape your tailored net zero route plan. Our team will support you develop and embed ambitious strategies and industry best-practice into your business.

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Uniquely positioned to advise and deliver, your carbon champion will connect you with RPS’ in-house multi-disciplinary expertise. Our expert teams can consent, design and implement the solutions to deliver on your strategy.

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We’ll track your progress, advise on strategy updates and help you to communicate your actions and results to internal and external stakeholders. This sets the benchmark for the next stage of your route plan.

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Our services, helping you reach your sustainability goals

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Corporate Responsibility 
  • Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting 
  • Site selection & development project strategies
  • Building design standards
  • Design and engineering
  • Construction
  • Operation
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Are you on the path to Net Zero?

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