Nature-based solutions as part of your corporate strategy

As the pressure mounts to move to net zero, companies need a sustainability strategy that sets out how they are tackling their carbon footprint in line with global targets.


A successful strategy is tailored to your business, based on your individual circumstances and goals. Following the GHG Hierarchy, our consultants work with you to identify where emissions can be eliminated, avoided, reduced, or substituted for more energy efficient solutions. When all other options have been considered, we can advise on offsetting to mitigate against unavoidable emissions and this is where nature-based solutions come to the fore.

Offsetting through nature-based solutions

Nature-based solutions (NbS) help to improve biodiversity and restore ecosystems. They can also slow global warming and help protect us from climate change.

Through carbon sequestration, NbS absorb carbon and store it, effectively and efficiently removing atmospheric carbon and mitigating the effects of climate change.

Typical nature-based solutions include:

How to set up for success

Alex Mozaffari, Director for Sustainability, shares his advice for businesses at the start of their journey to net zero carbon and how to set up for success by getting the right strategy in place.


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