Real-time Monitoring System (REMS)

The RPS Real-time Environmental Monitoring System (REMS) software is designed to collect, archive and display oceanographic and meteorological data in real time.

RPS have been developing such systems since 1974. During this time scientists and software engineers at RPS have expended considerable effort to ensure that REMS is the most complete and robust Metocean Environmental Monitoring system available.

The system is network oriented and uses standard communications protocols (TCP/IP) for transmission of data over the Internet. This allows REMS to operate as a stand-alone system from a single location or as a networked system of monitoring stations each located at a different site.

  • Rig Loadings
  • Berth Monitoring
  • Underkeel Clearance
  • Seastate Operability
  • Vessel/Platform Motion
  • Effluent Emission

Real-time Environmental Monitoring System (REMS) Dashboard

an example dashboard from our Real-time Environmental Monitoring System (REMS) 

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