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In 2018 RPS added innovative Floating Light Detection and Ranging equipment to its industry-leading suite and inventory of Metocean measurement technologies. We built 2 Floating Lidar buoys for Equinor to ultimately be deployed off New York. Our first Floating Lidar Buoy was initially validated off Perth against a second Lidar unit fixed to a navigation beacon in what was the ideal offshore test location.

Strong winter storms thoroughly tested the Floating Lidar buoy and mooring system. The mean wind speed frequently attained 20 ms-1 and significant wave height exceeded 4 m.  During the validation trial, the Floating Lidar buoy didn’t miss a measurement transmitting data in real-time via satellite and 4G. The validation was excellent, easily attaining best practice status based on the floating lidar development roadmap.

Our new Floating Lidar buoys are designed to incorporate RPS’ more than 30 years of metocean measurement experience. They allow for two-way data exchange for near real-time monitoring and to facilitate remote intervention as necessary. The payload includes industry leading technology such as the Zephir 300M Lidar unit and advanced motion compensation technology. Our buoys are powered by solar and wind generators, delivering an emissions-free renewable solution for the offshore industry. We combine this with innovative and environmentally friendly moorings.

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    RPS tech: the science behind wind measurement success offshore

    Following the successful testing phase for RPS' new custom-designed wind measurement buoys, we asked MetOcean specialist Greg Bush for a quick overview of the science behind floating LiDAR and how RPS is helping create a more sustainable energy future offshore. 

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