Lung Cancer Awareness

November is lung cancer awareness month, a campaign designed to help people understand their exposure risk, symptoms and where to find support.

According to Cancer Research UK, there are over 47,000 new cases of lung cancer every year, it's the second most common form of cancer across the UK.

Whilst the incidence of lung cancer has fallen since the 1990's, there is still plenty of work to do. Hold your #HeadHigh


According to the Journal of Thoracic disease, lung cancer is the world's most common occupational related cancer.

of cases in the UK are caused by smoking
of cases in the UK are caused by air pollution
of cases in the UK are caused by workplace exposure
of deaths in the UK every year are linked to asbestos exposure

Are you aware of the risks?

"Historically construction workers have been at greater risk of developing cancer from their work than any other industry group. Unless the risks are properly managed, the dangers of developing one of these diseases will remain." The Health & Safety Executive

Potential risks in the workplace include:

  • Chromium (VI) compounds
  • Diesel engine exhaust
  • Silica dust and crystalline silica
  • Welding fumes
  • Asbestos
  • Arsenic and inorganic arsenic compounds
  • Chemicals used in rubber manufacturing, iron and steel founding and painting
  • Some nickel compounds

If you are concerned about you or your colleague’s potential risk, RPS can help. We can visit workplaces and measure the levels of exposure in relation to workplace limits, and offer advice on good work practices and make PPE recommendations.

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