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Eden Johnson, Finance Shared Services Manager


Working in our North America corporate office, Eden Johnson manages Finance Shared Services for RPS North America.

QHow did you get into your industry?

Accounting had always intrigued me, so I knew I wanted that degree but I had always planned on being a dentist. Then, when I decided not to pursue a dental career, I knew that I wanted to be an accountant.

Quick Q&A

What job did you want when you were growing up?

I left high school and went to college to become a dentist. I finished the pre-dental program and even sat for my exams. But, I ended up in accounting. My goal was to have an accounting degree to know how to run my own books as a dentist. But after college, I decided to pursue accounting and have never looked back!

Outside of work, what are you most proud of?

My kids! My husband. Proud of my family!

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time I love spending time with my family outdoors- whether it is at one of the kids' ball games or at the lake. My creative outlet is doing balloon installations for parties!

QWhy is this kind of work important? And what does it mean to you personally?

It is important because it allows for true insight into how the company is really doing. It means a lot to me personally because the personality trait I have of wanting to support others and care for them- I'm able to use that every day! I get recharged knowing that the work I am doing is supporting other people. People rely on me for insights and decision-making and I’m able to see how it truly supports them which is really rewarding.

QWhat advice would you give to your younger self?

To slow down. Since I was really young, I have felt like I was always in a race to make sure I did everything I possibly could to get where I am today. I look back and realize I could have slowed down and enjoyed more.

QWhat was the best/most useful thing you did to further your career?

Becoming more open-minded. Not allowing the struggles of work to get me down. Remembering I can still learn from every opportunity and problem that comes my way.

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