National Fitness Day - join the movement!

Today is National Fitness Day. It’s a chance to raise awareness about the role physical activity has on our overall fitness and wellbeing, and to encourage more people to lead healthier lifestyles.

23 Sep 2020

#Fitness2Me – what this means to us

Over the last five or six months we shared a series of wellbeing articles to support people during lockdown. One focused on the benefits of physical activity [see article], which we then backed up with our own intercompany activity challenge [see article]. Today, some of our team share their stories on how adding a little physical activity has helped them, both mentally and physically:

Tracey Bailey - Occupational Hygiene

I’ve always had a bicycle and used it from time to time but was really inspired to take up cycling while I was on furlough, it was a way of utilising my time productively. Whilst I won’t be entering the Tour de France anytime soon, I now regularly cycle 20-30 miles at a weekend with a couple of shorter distance rides during the week. Not only have I lost weight and gained muscle strength, this has really helped with my mental health and enhanced my love of the countryside and our green spaces.


Ben Massey - Occupational Hygiene

For me I love being outside, gyms serve a purpose, especially in the winter, and I use them more as the cold, dark nights draw in. But if I can do some outdoor exercise then I will always choose that. When I have had a tough day, I like nothing more than being on my bike or walking in the hills. It’s not only a good way to push yourself physically but it helps you to switch off mentally. If you are in some nice green space you are less likely to be worrying about things causing you stress and if you are, the chances are you might come up with a solution to a problem you had been struggling with.

Ben Massey-26 V2.jpg

Getting involved

Fitness can mean different things to different people. The organisers of National Fitness Day are asking people to share their stories to help promote the different forms of exercise options and perhaps inspire a few people along the way - don’t forget to include the hashtag #Fitness2Me

Remember it doesn’t have to be seriously competitive or complicated. To help you reach your personal target - every little bit counts.

If you would like to try and encourage an active lifestyle in your workplace, through interactive workshops focusing on nutrition and physical activity or implementing an activity challenge, please get in touch with Ben Massey -

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