A physical activity challenge – are you up for it?

As part of our wellbeing insight series, in our last article we wrote about building resilience and why it’s important to maintain strong mental and physical health during time of adversity. Resilience is linked to physical energy and being physically active is vital for both good health and building resilience.

10 Jul 2020

At RPS we took this a little further and challenged our people to get physical – we found this provided terrific motivation and promoted teamwork through encouragement and discussion.

Many physical activity challenges take the form of step or stair challenges. These are great fun and can absolutely help to get your teams talking and encouraging each other with every step (literally). But, they can be a little one dimensional – some people might prefer resistance training in a gym/home environment for instance. And in fact, physical activity can take many forms as we soon discovered.

Our health and wellbeing team devised a challenge that incorporated literally any form of physical activity. We quantify progress based on calories burnt, so, if you were to do some gardening or housework, play with your children for half an hour, or spend 20 minutes completing a kettlebell workout – it all counts!

We’ve developed a simple calculator spreadsheet where you select your preferred form of exercise from the list provided, enter the amount of time you spent on said activity and the calculator works out the rest.  

Our activity challenge

Throughout lockdown we hosted this challenge across multiple RPS teams. It's really helped to boost moral and encourage colleagues to keep in touch while they work from home, and in particular with those furloughed. And one of the many positives to come out of this challenge is people noticing how inactive they've been during this period of isolation and who have since made a conscious effort to be more active.

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Free activity worksheet

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