ESG Services for Manufacturers

Manufacturers are integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives into their operations to identify operational risk, evaluate cost-saving opportunities, assess exposure to extreme weather events, meet customers’ and investors’ expectations, comply with regulations, and improve employee productivity.


Why ESG matters

Research links high ESG standing with higher profitability, higher dividend yield and decreased business risks, less volatility, and higher valuations. ESG metrics are useful indicators of company financial performance and investment value. This highlights the potential power of high ESG standing, its importance to manufacturers, better management of risks and opportunities across the company’s operations, and alignment with investors’ ESG investment considerations.

ESG strategies to create competitive advantage

RPS helps implement ESG strategies that elevate the company’s ESG standing, create short- and long-term value across the company’s facilities, and strengthen relationships with customers and investors. RPS performs a review of ESG risks and opportunities based on the company’s industry, operations, geographic footprint, and business model.

We have the expertise and experience to assist clients in ESG integration in ways that make the most sense for the company by reviewing risks and opportunities that could have direct financial, operational, and reputational impacts. We then help manage these risks and capitalize on opportunities by implementing initiatives and providing value-added services to manufacturers.


RPS ESG services for manufacturers include:

  • ESG policy & strategy
  • ESG materiality assessments
  • ESG frameworks
  • Climate resiliency strategy
  • Company facilities’ ESG reviews
  • Emissions reduction 
  • California Proposition 65 compliance
  • Human capital and employee engagement
  • Narrative and messaging
  • KPIs

Research & advisory

  • Customers sustainability questionnaires
  • ESG / Sustainability-specific report consulting
  • ESG / Sustainability-specific web content
  • Energy, water, and waste facility-level analysis
  • ESG research & SWOTs
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Audits & corrective action planning
  • Supplier single-point-of-failure
  • Supplier code of conduct
  • Investors’ ESG expectations
  • Community engagement
  • Benchmark employee turnover rate
  • Harassment policies and procedures
  • Establishing and tracking KPIs using ComplianceMap

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