A breath of fresh air revitalizes the U.S. offshore wind sector

President Biden’s administration has breathed new life into the offshore wind sector across the United States, doubling down on the level of power to be generated by 2030.

This is welcome news indeed - but what are the likely consequences of these executive orders?

24 Feb 2021

Making complex easy – theory through to practice

The offshore wind industry continues to grow rapidly with the expansion of emerging and growing markets around the world. In each of the markets, a robust permitting process, informed by a deep scientific understanding, is critical to the long-term sustainability of the industry. As the size, complexity, and more importantly, the number of projects in each offshore area increases, so do the challenges associated with permitting.

Successful permitting for complex marine infrastructure requires projects to be developed in close collaboration between federal, state, and local governments, developers, and stakeholders. As the industry ramps up, working in partnership will be critical in avoiding delays to support the industry’s success.

From theory through to practice, RPS has been working with government agencies, developers and contractors, providing advice and practical support to execute program delivery, safely and in compliance – this gives us unique insight to support our client’s to meet their goals.

We recognize that the U.S. offshore wind industry is maturing rapidly. And while offshore wind development is being predominantly driven by state level commitments, the renewed impetus from the Federal government places an even greater need for a clear and consistent approach.

RPS has successfully been providing permitting advisory services, from the outset, across Asia and Europe and via our regulatory teams and subject matter expertise in the United States. This breadth of experience facilitates knowledge transfer through the lessons we’ve learned in each market - ensuring the latest innovations, R&D, and scientific understanding is applied to solve the problems that matter.

RPS, the right partner to help navigate the complex regulatory requirements for offshore wind farm developments.

Watch video: U.S. Offshore regulatory permitting: theory through to practice

Navigating complexity

Shaping the current regulatory environment

Over the last 15 years, the U.S. market has moved through the offshore wind development cycle – from concept through to development planning. And we’ve been there from the start, delivering strategic studies and R&D support to BOEM, to underpin the development of a sustainable industry, and more recently, supporting developers with robust scientific advice.

In the early phases of offshore wind development and planning, the services we've provided included: ecological services modeling; meteorological modeling to assess offshore wind farm siting; and developing environmental and monitoring protocols for BOEM and the states. A small selection of the projects we have delivered - across 24 lease and call out areas is shown on this timeline and below.

Deep expertise and capability

We are the sound choice in a sea of uncertainty

It has never been more important to be aware of the potential environmental impacts and regulatory requirements, to drive toward the right technical solutions.

We work with our clients, supporting them to navigate the complex federal and state permitting process. We deliver confident and reliable approaches, with the right resources to design pragmatic solutions to avoid permitting and regulatory bottlenecks.

Note: map not to scale

Capacity to meet our client's needs

We employ some of the world's best offshore talent, with deep local and international expertise

We understand there are, and will continue to be many competing resource needs of the regulatory agencies and for developers. RPS continues to grow to meet our clients’ needs - to ensure the best and most knowledgeable experts in the field are available to move the process of developing offshore wind projects forward, at pace, to meet future demand.

Collaborative partnerships, within the industry, will be key to this sectors success. We've been delivering for our client's in offshore environments for many years, and have established strong relationships with key stakeholders and suppliers across the U.S. 


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