Our take on: The Levelling UP and Regeneration Bill, and The British Energy Security Strategy

Following the Queen’s Speech in May of this year, where the Government unveiled the ‘Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill’ (LURB), and the British Energy Security Strategy published back in April, our latest client briefing event had plenty of hot topics to discuss.

Event held on the 6th July 2022

Topline takeaways

The Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill (LURB)

As part of the Levelling Up agenda, the LURB seeks to deliver fundamental and wide-ranging changes to the way the planning system operates. 

If successful, the reforms will make life easier for local authorities, make planning more certain and less confrontational for residents, and actually deliver more homes alongside the infrastructure they require. 

But if these proposals don't make it through Parliament into law, huge questions will be asked as to where that leaves the Bill, and what the impact will be on both the planning system, and the UK housing crisis.

The British Energy Security Strategy 

With the UK already committed to net-zero carbon by 2050, it's no surprise the government's Energy Security Strategy places heavy reliance on renewable and low carbon energy to fulfil its goals. 

But with the ongoing war in Ukraine, coupled with rapidly rising energy costs, energy security has risen rapidly up the agenda. Technical innovation needs to play a vital role in the realisation of the strategy’s ambitions. But the plan has been accused of missing opportunities and being unclear in its intentions. Will the Government address the concerns of what’s been left out of the strategy, rather than what’s been included?


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