IAP2 Engagement Essentials IAP2 Training Module

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About the Certificate

Often described as the 'tasting plate' for IAP2 Australasia training, this course is the comprehensive introduction to the core concepts and language of community and stakeholder engagement, in a contemporary Australasian context. 

Participants will be provided with core concepts upon which to plan, design, facilitate and implement successful engagement processes. This module will discuss the essential elements of engagement practice (context, scope, people, purpose and influence and relationships), along with the benefits of delivering high quality engagement processes.

This module introduces Standards for Practice, the IAP2 Code of Ethics and provides a clear definition of engagement, preparing participants for professional practice. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their own role and experiences in community and stakeholder engagement, whilst recognising opportunities for their future training needs.

This is the compulsory first day of training in the IAP2 Australasia Certificate in Engagement.

Presented by:

Lucy Cole-Edelstein, Executive Advisor - RPS Group and Licenced IAP2 Australasia Trainer

Lucy Cole-Edelstein

Communications and engagement

What outcomes can you expect from this training?

By the end of this course, participants receive one credit towards the IAP2 Australasia Certificate in Engagement.

They will also be able to:

  • Describe what a contemporary model of community and stakeholder engagement looks like in an Australasian context
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the different uses of engagement
  • Explain the characteristics of successful engagement
  • Design a simple community and stakeholder engagement activity, justifying decisions about why, when and how to engage
  • Assess the community and stakeholder factors that shape engagement
  • Assess the core elements for effective engagement
  • Identify emerging engagement practices
  • Identify their own role in engagement and their learning needs.

Who should do this training?

This is a course for everybody - from the first-time engager to the CEO of an organisation that wants or needs to engage to deliver effective change.

There are no prerequisites qualifications or experience levels to enrol in this course. 

For more information or to enrol, please contact:

Kate van der Drift
Associate Director - Communications
0410 888 992

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