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Melissa Tan, Assistant Project Manager

Melissa Tan, RPS Assistant Project Management is standing outside of Federation Square in Melbourne with St Paul's Cathedral in the background.

Despite being a ‘bad Melburnian’ (not liking footy), Melissa Tan has been kicking nothing but goals since joining our Victorian team in early 2020. We asked Melissa about her work in the defence sector, and the working culture that makes her proud to call Melbourne home.

QWhat’s a day in the life look like for Melissa Tan?

As an Assistant Project Manager my role is to help the primary Project Manager for any given project we are working on. The chances I’ve had to get out on-site so far have been super valuable, as I’ve gotten to see what a project looks like in full swing.

Quick Q&A

Best coffee in Melbourne?

Traveller! Phenomenal coffee.  

Footy supporter?

I'm not! I feel like such a bad Melburnian now.

How long have you lived in Melbourne?

All my life, so 22 years.

Favourite place to spend time?

Anywhere I can hang out with friends really.

QWhat projects are you working on and how are they contributing to a better Victoria?

At the moment I’m working on the redevelopment of the HMAS Cerberus site, which will help out a lot of Navy personnel once it’s done.

HMAS Cerberus is the Navy’s primary training site so making sure its infrastructure is sufficient both now and the future is really key to a well-trained Navy force. I’ve been working on this project for over a year and I’m proud to be involved in it.

QWhat do you think about Melbourne’s plans for growth?

I attended a planning course recently and it was interesting to hear what’s in store for Melbourne and Victoria in terms of infrastructure and development. As a community, we’re setting ambitious goals, but they’re all achievable. Once they are reached they’ll really pay dividends for Melburnians and Victorians.

QWhat types of projects do you aspire to work on in the future?

Something to do with environmental sustainability would be really cool, but I’m new to the industry and beggars can’t be choosers. I’ll take anything that comes my way – bring it on!

QWhy are you proudly Victorian?

So many reasons! The people, the culture, there’s such a wide range of people in this city and it is really rewarding to get to know the people around you in both a personal and professional context. I also think we’ve got a really great working culture in Victoriawe know how to balance work and fun.  

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