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Anna Crameri, Executive General Manager – Place and Environment

Anna Crameri, RPS Executive General Manager - Strategy and Operations and Place and Environment stands in front of grass bleachers on the Maribyrnong River in Melbourne.

With a career spanning three countries and almost two decades, Anna Crameri is an invaluable part of the RPS leadership team. While her work’s taken her around the world, she’s a Victorian native who has returned to Melbourne, where she has a combined operational and strategic role that sees her lead a team of 350 designers, planners, environmental scientists and land surveyors. We chatted with Anna about life as an RPS exec, the role renewables will have in Victoria’s energy future, and her favourite place to spend time in Victoria’s capital.

QTell us about your role at RPS

I’m an Executive General Manager in RPS’ Place and Environment division in Australia Asia Pacific. It’s a great role that sees me involved in a kaleidoscope of projects and initiatives.

This includes being the project sponsor for an offshore wind project, and being the operations manager and the strategic development lead for our division. I am also lucky to manage the Victorian environment and approvals team – a talented and fast-growing group.

Quick Q&A

Favourite place for coffee?

Pepper Café in Flemington.

How long have you lived in Melbourne?

On and off since I was 17.

Favourite place to spend time?

The Maribyrnong River has come a long way in the last few years thanks to the work done by Melbourne Water restoring habitats and riverside areas. 

Favourite local band?

I could’ve given you a few if you’d asked me that ten years ago, but I’ve got kids now. No time for that sort of thing!

QWhat are some of the exciting projects your team is working on, and what challenges are they solving for Victoria?

The Melbourne team I lead are doing approvals for some of the most important infrastructure and renewables projects in the state. I think there’s a huge opportunity around renewable energy and transitioning away from coal-fired power generation. The closer we can get to net zero the better, so it's exciting to be a part of that work.

QWhy do clients in Victoria choose RPS? What sets us apart?

Whenever you want to get a significant piece of infrastructure built, you need an environmental approval. RPS has the right combination of commercial and technical skills to guide clients through that process.

We’ve got a really good understanding of environmental impacts, as well as the government and stakeholder-related aspects of the approvals process. This means we can help make the approvals process happen faster, and smoother.

QWhat would be your dream project to work on?

It’d have to be something around due diligence or fatal flaw assessment on a big new transport or renewables project.

QYou’re clearly a proud Victorian, why?

I was born here and my family is from here, but what makes me especially proud to live in Victoria is the real sense of community spirit that we’ve displayed. Here in Melbourne we’re a real tight knit community, and the transformation our city is currently going through in terms of infrastructure will only strengthen those connections. Melbourne is getting bigger and bigger, but it never feels like we’re at risk of becoming distant from each other.

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