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RPS are busy preparing for flu season and we expect very high demand for vaccinations this year. Now more than ever, we realise the benefits of keeping well and staying healthy for work.

Plan now to protect your employees this winter

Vaccinating yourself and your workforce is the most effective way to safeguard against the spread of the winter flu at home, at work and throughout your communities.

We’ll work with you to implement a flu vaccination programme to help dramatically reduce the chance of sickness absence in your workforce.

RPS have three ways of delivering a flu programme that works for you and your employees.

  • On site delivery
    A qualified nurse will come to your site and administer the vaccine. This can either be done over a full day (100 vaccines) or half a day (50 vaccines).

  • Digital vouchers
    Our clients can access an online portal through a unique access code, and employees can then download a digital voucher. They can take these to their local pharmacy to receive their flu vaccination.
    Clients are only charged when a voucher is used at the pharmacy and not per download.

  • Paper vouchers 
    Clients can also order paper vouchers to be redeemed at a pharmacy, when getting a vaccine. Once ordered, vouchers will be sent out to clients to be distributed amongst their employees.

Contact our dedicated flu team to discuss your requirements using the form below or email or call us on 01623 657 446.

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