Enhancing the value of Australian infrastructure

Opportunity abounds for Aussie projects and communities

At RPS, we believe there are many opportunities to enhance the value of Australia's investment in infrastructure. Explore our ideas below.  

Opportunity: evidence and business cases

Infrastructure is a key driver for Australia's economy. But are we setting ourselves up for success in the front end? Are we letting worthwhile projects fall through the cracks? Here are some of the ways RPS is helping infrastructure proponents and decision-makers go beyond traditional cost-benefit thinking and invest wisely in Australia's future.

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Getting to shovel-ready faster

With such an immense pipeline of projects planned for the Australian market, how do we make sure we're progressing at pace? Strategic changes to the way projects are prioritised, planned, and procured can help accelerate infrastructure approval and delivery. 

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Opportunity: social value creation

Making social value creation central to your infrastructure practise can help you build trust with stakeholders, reduce risk, and deliver better projects. But social value is still a sticking point for the Australian infrastructure sector. We think it's time for that to change.

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Explore our webinar on social value

In this webinar hosted by RPS Chief Executive Officer - Australia Asia Pacific, Meegan Sullivan we unpack the strategic drivers required to fully realise social value opportunities across Australian infrastructure projects.

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Opportunity: community engagement

Real conversations aren't one way. Community engagement can't be either. Do you know what your stakeholders really care about? Are you asking them questions about what they truly value? Are you reaching out to them in ways that work for them? If not, you may be missing out on valuable insights that could take your project to the next level.

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Digital engagement spaces

Social distancing has accelerated the trend towards online forms of community engagement. We're supporting clients to make their engagement activities authentic, accessible, and meaningful through RPS designed digital engagement spaces. 

Discover how a digital engagement space can help you connect and engage with your stakeholders>>

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Opportunity: procurement and delivery

Australia may punch above its weight in terms of the volume of infrastructure investment, but are we equipped to deliver all of the work that lays ahead? Engaging and "marketing" projects to potential delivery partners will be critical. Discover our ideas for how project partners can connect and collaborate, while avoiding infrastructure delivery risks.


Explore our webinar on infrastructure risk

Our infrastructure specialists discuss the risk allocation issues they are seeing in today's market, and share their insights on how proponents and principals can buck the ‘claims culture’ trend.

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