Engagement Design IAP2 Training Modules

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About the Certificate

Delivered across two days, Engagement Design is for those who need to understand the process of designing and implementing engagement projects. 

Designing engagement programs and approaches is core to the role of engagement practitioners, organisations and communities who wish, or need, to engage with others. Using IAP2 principles, course participants will learn the key steps in putting together an engagement plan, as well as implementation considerations and evaluation methods.

Good engagement planning and design shapes the engagement approach and selected methodology. It also assists to build the participation of organisations and communities to create better solutions and/or commitment for action.

This two-day course will provide participants with an understanding and practical use of the design, plan and manage (DPM) model, a core element of the IAP2 Australasia Certificate in Engagement training.

Presented by:

Lucy Cole-Edelstein, Executive Advisor - RPS Group and Licenced IAP2 Australasia Trainer

Lucy Cole-Edelstein

Communications and engagement

What outcomes can you expect from this training?

By the end of this two-part course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the uses of engagement
  • Describe the drivers of contemporary engagement
  • Describe the IAP2 Australasia engagement model
  • Identify the purpose and context for engagement
  • Identify and understand the organisation, stakeholder and community
  • Select and describe the roles and influence of the organisation, stakeholders and communities on the decision, action and engagement
  • Design engagement programs and approaches for a range of purposes and situations
  • Reach and activate community and organisational participation
  • Integrate monitoring and evaluation into the engagement plan and activities.

Completion of this module also contributes to the full IAP2 Australasia Certificate in Engagement.

Who should do this training?

This is a course for everybody - from the first-time engager to the CEO of an organisation that wants or needs to engage to deliver effective change.

There are no prerequisites qualifications or experience levels to enrol in this course. 

For more information or to enrol, please contact:

Kate van der Drift
Associate Director - Communications
0410 888 992

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