Connecting through COVID-19

While COVID-19 might separate us physically in the short term, the world – and our work – hasn’t stopped. Now, more than ever, we need to stay connected.

Understanding that our approach to community and stakeholder engagement must pivot to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we've brought leading minds from across RPS together to facilitate your #digitalpivot and help you start a positive project conversation online.



Pivoting digital in the age of isolation

Our industry is grappling with questions of how to involve the community in decisions that matter when face-to-face engagement is off the table.

Here, RPS Communications and Engagement Lead, Mandi Davidson, explores the silver lining of our current limitations.




Starting a connected conversation

RPS Engagement specialist Lucy Cole-Edelstein gives her six top tips for connecting meaningfully, even at a distance.


The great COVID opportunity: listen and engage

Rather than a ‘captive audience’, social isolation is delivering a ‘captive sample’ from which infrastructure proponents can gain valuable insights for the future.



Connecting digitally, connecting broadly

The physical separation we are currently experiencing for COVID-19 is a golden opportunity to put digital tools to use engaging the traditionally underrepresented on important projects and initiatives, explains Phoebe Schumacher.


Standing out in a crowded digital world

Creative services lead Megan McBride explores creative options for cutting through the digital noise. 



Connect with an RPS engagement specialist

Mandi Davidson

Mandi Davidson

Executive Strategy Manager - Advisory T: +61 3 9417 9700 Email
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Melbourne | Australia
Megan McBride

Megan McBride

National Lead, Creative and Visualisation T: +61 2 8099 3200 Email
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Sydney | Australia
Nicola Wass

Nicola Wass

Director - Communications and Engagement T: +61 3 9417 9700 Email
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Melbourne | Australia

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