Award win for the RPS AAP health and safety team


In 2018 RPS in WA achieved the Industrial Foundation for Accident Prevent (IFAP) and CGU Safe Way Achiever Award for the fourth year in a row.

The award recognises an organisation’s commitment to health and safety and their proactive evolvement of safety in the workplace. The awards motivate people to maintain safe work practices and recognise the implementation and continuous improvement of organisations’ safety management system. 

As an industry leading training practice, the IFAP organisation helps deliver a wide range of quality accredited vocational courses. 

IFAP introduced the Safe Way Awards in 1979 to proactively evolve the commitment to safety in the workplace across Western Australia, and the Safe Way Achiever Award recognises a particularly high standard of continuous improvement and best practice in implementing business’ safety management systems. 

Congratulations to all our colleagues for their continuing efforts to prioritise health and safety in all aspects of our work.