Topaz Simply

Senior Consultant, ESG Services

With nearly a decade of experience, Topaz helps private equity firms implement Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) programs that focus on addressing limited partners’ expectations, securing capital during fundraising, assessing risk during due diligence, and optimizing companies’ operations post-acquisition.

Specifically, he helps firms define and execute internal ESG priorities by clarifying an ESG vision, developing an ESG policy, creating an implementation framework, and defining portfolio KPIs.

Additionally, Topaz evaluates companies’ ESG standing by reviewing product claims, impacts of extreme weather events on operations, employee engagement and retention, human rights issues across the supply chain, business ethics, and customers’ sustainability expectations, among other topics. After identifying the key ESG issues, he works with companies to execute on an action plan aimed at addressing those issues within the first 100 days of investment.

Sector: Property

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