Simon Stephenson

Technical Director - Acoustics

Simon is a leader in the field of underwater acoustics, and is highly experienced in assessing the impacts of underwater noise from projects on marine mammals, fish and other aquatic species. Noise sources that he has modelled, assessed and
advised on include impact and vibratory piling, seismic surveys, sub-bottom profilers, MBES, sonar, wellhead decommissioning (e.g. punch guns), drilling, vessels and blasting.

Simon is also experienced in engineering aspects of underwater acoustics, including provision of technical development design advice for
sound mitigation (e.g. pile sleeves, thrusters, turbines) and detailed acoustic modelling. His combined knowledge of
engineering noise reduction methods and other mitigation (MMO, PAM, ADD) alongside expert noise source and propagation modelling and assessment skills means that he can see the wider picture and provide world class advice on
even the most complex projects.

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