Robert Mullen

Borehole Geophysicist

Robert has over 15 years industry experience working on complex geophysical projects across the UK, Norway and West Africa. Initially working with PGS; processing 3D surface seismic, with a focus on depth imaging and velocity model building. Later moving to Schlumberger Data & Consulting services as a Borehole Geophysicist, where extensive experience was gained modelling, processing and interpreting VSP seismic in both land and marine environments across a wide variety of survey types. More recently responsible for the worldwide technical sale and support of magnetic sensors and associated acquisition equipment for geophysical and defence applications at Bartington Instruments, a technology company based in Oxford. Currently leading the Borehole Seismic business unit at RPS providing, VSP project management, planning/modelling, processing and onsite QC to clients worldwide.

Sector: Oil and gas

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