Phil Evans

Senior Director - Acoustics

Phil leads our acoustics team based in Brighton and London. He is a Fellow of the Geological Society and a Member of: the Institute of Acoustics; the Association of Noise Consultants Vibration Working Group; British Standards Institution (BSi) Committee GME/21/6/4 - BS 6472: Guide to Evaluation of Human Exposure to Vibration in Buildings; BSi Committee B/564/01 on BS 5228: Noise and Vibration Control on Construction and Open Sites which has now also revised BS 8233; and he has recently joined the BSi committee EH/1/2 on Transport Noise revising the calculation methodologies for road and rail traffic.

He is an expert in the industrial/commercial, transportation, minerals and construction sectors including the measurement, calculation, evaluation and mitigation of environmental noise and vibration effects. This experience has allowed him to participate in the development of several key noise/vibration related British Standards. He is also an experienced expert witness.

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