Climate Change Careers: Virtual Zone

Welcome to our Climate Careers Zone – a virtual experience designed to support 12-16 year olds with knowledge and insight on how they can be part of the climate solution. 

Careers to help fight climate change

Jump in to our mini city of the future to explore how our built environment will need to adapt and respond to climate change. Interested in playing your part? Why not head over to the amphitheatre to learn about some of the careers that will help shape a sustainable future. Together we can #shapethechange. 

Jump in to RPS' Climate Careers Zone - a climate change and careers virtual experience

How to move around the zone

You can explore the Climate Careers Zone using your mouse or touch screen. Click and drag the screen to pan round and change your view, or click the double white arrows to move between the different areas. When in the mini city a neighbourhood will highlight blue when you hover over it, simply left click to dive in. Throughout the Climate Careers Zone you can interact with the content by clicking any of the icons to open videos, infographics, pop up facts and more. For more detailed guidance click below. 

Instructions to move around the Climate Careers Zone

What is the Climate Careers Zone?

Inspired by the goals of COP26, RPS’ Climate Careers Zone is a virtual learning experience that brings the future of our towns and cities to life.

Aimed at 12-16-year-olds who feel they are facing an uncertain future, the zone explores how the built environment will need to adapt and respond to climate change, as well as showcasing some of the skillsets and professions needed to help us achieve the COP26 goals.

To inspire students on a learning path for a career that can make a difference, RPS consultants - including engineers, architects and environmental specialists - have shared their knowledge, personal experiences and advice.


Three unique areas to explore:

  • In the mini city students can navigate through 13 different neighbourhoods to explore sustainable solutions for how we design, build, power and manage our built environment in the future. 
  • In the careers zone amphitheatre students can learn about some of the careers that will play a major role on the path to net zero carbon – hearing from RPS colleagues who have shared their experiences, insight and advice.
  • The exhibition hall shares tips on how students can make a difference in their everyday lives and includes the opportunity to complete their own climate pledge.


How do I access the zone?

You can access the zone by clicking on the button at the top of the page. The zone will open in a new tab.


Is it free to access the zone?

Yes – it’s available as a free learning resource to students around the world.


Which devices can I access the zone from?

You can access the zone from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Though we recommend desktop, laptop or tablet for the best experience.

Who is the Climate Careers Zone suitable for?

The zone has been designed to support 12-16-year-olds in their career choices. However, the content in the zone may be relevant for anyone looking to pursue a climate change career.

have come across a technical issue, how can I report it?

You can contact our support team.

I’m interested in learning more about one of the careers, is there anyone I can contact?

You can contact our recruitment team.

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