Using our expertise to support the community to have a voice in decision making

23 Aug 2017

To mark the first ever Engage2Act Global Engagement Day on Sunday 28 January 2018, our Australian community engagement team made a video about the influence community engagement can have on complex projects #commengageday.

With engagement a central focus of our day-to-day operations across the globe, RPS’ Australian team took some time out to reflect on the importance of engaging with public on projects that shape the communities they live, work and play within. 

In a specially produced video, consultants from across our communications, environment and planning teams in Australia were asked about their community engagement experiences on major projects, and the ways that engagement – both good and bad – can influence the success of project, right throughout its lifecycle.

The response was unanimous - engagement done early and done well is key to a smooth road towards project approval, efficiency, utilisation and long-term sustainability.

Watch the video to see the full interviews here:



Banner image: © Cole

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