Through the lens – a technician’s inside view of RPS

21 Nov 2019

Meet Trudi Moss, the first technician to complete our training and development progression program in South West Water. As Team Leader for one of our South West Water contract teams, Trudi has been a key player in coaching and mentoring the team and has been integral in it becoming the best performing South West Water area for acoustic logging performance and outputs. Here, she takes some time out between on-site time in Cornwall for her current leakage detection project to talk about her career and what inspires her.

What three words would you use to describe your first impression of RPS on your first day here? And your impression now?

Big organisation’ and ‘impressive!’ when I joined, and still the same now.


What key projects have you worked on since joining RPS?

Leakage detection and deploying acoustic loggers. We attach acoustic loggers to water distribution networks to listen for and record sounds that might indicate a leak. They are ultra-sensitive and can be left in place for a long period so we can get a really clear view of any leaks present without excavating.


How has your experience changed your perspective on your long-term career vision?

My long-term career vision was always to improve and challenge myself. Working with RPS on the South West Water contract has made me realise that if you work hard and have a passion for what you do then it gets noticed – positive recognition is always nice!


What one thing in your life has had the most influence on your career path and goal?

It has to be my family, I was a single parent for a long time during my children’s younger years and promised myself I would be a self-sufficient earner before they left school, thus providing them with a better life and showing them a path to success.


How did you first learn about RPS?

When I joined (from Hydrotech Water Services).


What’s the first thing you would do if you were RPS CEO for a day?

I wouldn’t know where to begin, there are so many areas within this company I am still learning about. Just within the water industry I would have to get back on the ground with the technicians, a bit like Undercover Boss[i], have a look and remind myself of the roles from start to finish regarding leakage.


What things about RPS would you recommend to people who are seeking an internship/traineeship or job-seeking?

Progression is possible for those that work hard and diligently. If you are ambitious and self-motivated then this is perfect for you.


RPS Water Regional Manager Gareth Ingram says “Trudi joined RPS in April 2018. She was a trainee Field Technician at the time and through performance, demonstrating and applying the correct behaviours, skillset, and consistently delivering for our client she has recently been appointed as a Team Leader on the contract.”


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[i] Multinational television franchise where business owners try out a few days as an unknown new starter in their own company to get a realistic factory-floor experience.

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