Are you on the path to Net Zero?

16 Apr 2021

Businesses across the globe are committing to take action against climate change and reduce their carbon footprint. But with so much information out there, it can be difficult to know what steps to take next and how best to move forward. Before taking any action, businesses need to take stock of where they are.   

Our Net Zero Carbon Progress Check helps them do just that. It helps businesses review their current position and determine how likely they are to achieve their carbon reduction targets before the 2050 deadline.

Our free, online tool is quick and easy to use, taking users through a series of questions looking at their individual business, strategy and goals. Once complete they are given a score which gives a high-level indication of their business’ progress. It then provides useful information to help point them in the right direction for the next step on their journey which, when combined with bespoke advice from our team, can identify the next actions to take to reach their sustainability goals.

Our progress check tool can be used by any business where carbon reduction is on the agenda” advises Tanya Lloyd-Jones, Director at RPS. “Whether they have a strategy in place already or are just starting to think about the changes they can make, our tool can help businesses when considering their next steps”.

Find our more about Net Zero Carbon services.

Are you on the path to Net Zero?

Review your current position with our free, quick and easy progress check.

Net Zero Carbon Progress Check


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