Celebrating Women in Engineering – three words to sum up engineering!

28 Jun 2019

“Despite efforts to improve diversity, statistics tell us that STEM professions, and the engineering community in particular, still have a long way to go in building a more diverse culture.” Hayaatun Sillem, Deputy Chief Executive of the Royal Academy of Engineering, 2017

Despite graduates in engineering being highly employable, few women are choosing that path. More young people, in particular women, need to recognise the possibilities a career in Engineering can bring. It will take time and effort for positive changes to happen and needs to start with people’s perceptions at a young age.

Today we asked: What three words would you like to share to encourage more women into careers in engineering?


Oriel Webster, Senior Project Manager

“Build Our World”

Susan Kizito, Senior Project Manager

Resilience, openness and determination”

Kirsty Barrie, Project Manager

“Challenge, Teamwork, Accomplishment”


Michelle Mabbitt, Senior Engineering Technician

“Passion, Purpose, Creativity”

Utkarsha Somalwar, Assistant Project Manager

“Persist, Learn, Invent”

Joanne Cunningham, General Manager - Project Management

“Dare, Initiative, Innovation”


Maria Petropoulou, Senior Engineer

“If you are 'practical', good at 'problem-solving' and like to 'challenge' yourself then think of a career in engineering.”


Kerstin Hucknall, Project Planner

“Challenging, Professional, Rewarding”


Angharad Llewellyn, Project Manager

“(Engineering) provides endless opportunities”


Natalie Weiershausen, Project Manager

“Care, Educate, Plan”


Sitara Baboolal, Ocean Engineer

“Don’t be afraid!; and Go for it!”


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Utkarsha Somalwar, Assistant Project Manager “Persist, learn, invent”

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