Acknowledging International Women’s Day #BalanceForBetter

08 Mar 2019

Acknowledging International Women’s Day 2019 - we asked members of our senior leadership team to share their thoughts on women in industry and recognising the value of our people.

Lean in. Speak up. Seek out.

“See, hear and feel to bring out the best in each other. We all have amazing talent and I encourage us all to step into the shoes of the other person irrespective of gender to truly connect on how that person might be feeling in that moment.”

Liza Kane, Group People Director, RPS

“In a fast-paced world where technology is demanding we change the way we work, our leaders of today have a unique opportunity to create diverse, behavioural environments where it’s ‘safe’ to bring new ways of thinking to the table. Breaking old habits and being open to new ways of working will bring true innovation. And the opportunities are vast.”

Chantalle Meijer, Group Marketing Director, RPS

“There are so many more exciting opportunities today for women in business and flexible working arrangements allowing them to manage work life balance. It is encouraging to see the strengths and leadership qualities of women being recognised and resulting in an increasing proportion of women in leadership roles. With the theme for this year being #BalanceForBetter to encourage gender balance in the boardroom, it’s great to see the progress RPS has made in improving the ratio of females to males in leadership roles.”

Judith Cottrell, Group Strategy Director, RPS

“Creating a team with diversity of thought, perspective and culture is really important. I like to surround myself with people who are supportive, creative and like to get stuff done.”

Kelly Olsen, Chief Information Officer, RPS

For most of my career I’ve been either the only woman or one of just a handful in the business because my fields of geography, technology and data weren’t drawcards for young women. At RPS, the balance feels right, and it is a pleasure to work with many wise, hard-working and talented women in leadership roles who support and advocate on behalf of their colleagues. I would encourage any young woman in the business to be unafraid to lean in, speak up and seek out mentoring from the senior women in the business who will have many stories and valuable words of wisdom to share.”

Helli Kotasek, Digital Transformation Director, RPS

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