Grace Lau

GLP Study Manager - Analytical Services

Grace is an analytical chemist with over 13 years of GLP experience within the agrochemical industry. She holds a BSc(Hon) degree in biomedical science and an MSc in Forensic Analysis. After leaving university, she started her career as a Research Technician at a large corporation, in the Residues Analysis department where she progressed quickly to become study director. She later moved to the Environmental Fate department as a Researcher in the last 4 years before joining RPS.


Grace has strong experience in GLP and has been a Study Director for an extensive range of radiolabelled and non-radiolabelled multi-site studies including method validation, crop residue analysis, storage stability, rate of degradation in soil and aquatic system, and adsorption/desorption in soil. As GLP Study Manager, Grace is responsible for ensuring that studies are carried out to the required standards and regulatory guidelines.

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