Alun Williams

Global Offshore Renewables Director

Alun is responsible for leading the RPS global offshore wind strategy. This includes growing the RPS businesses in core markets across Europe, expanding into the maturing markets in APAC (South Korea, Japan, Australia and Vietnam), and supporting the strategic ambitions of RPS in the US market. As a member of the company's Renewables Leadership Team, he is tasked with establishing the vision and platform to grow the firm's support to the growing Renewables sector, with particular focus on offshore wind.

Alun has over 20 years’ consultancy experience, providing technical advice and development support to projects, with a technical background in permitting / EIA and also in the provision of subject matter expert advice to the industry and individual projects. More recently, he has been involved in providing broader development support to projects and the wider industry.

He has been involved in the offshore wind sector since its inception in the early 2000's, initially through UK Round 1 projects. He continues to provide advice to offshore wind developers and government agencies in multiple countries around the world, across the project lifecycle. He's been Project Director for a number of large-scale Environmental Impact Assessments for offshore wind developments. Most recently he was the Project Director for the EIA for Hornsea Project One (1.2 GW), Hornsea Project Two (1.4 GW) and Project Three (up to 2.4 GW) in the UK - each of which have now been granted development consent. Each project a world’s first in terms of scale, in its own right.

Alun has also recently supported projects in a number of countries in Asia at the early stage of offshore wind development. He has been responsible for establishing RPS presence in South Korea and retains overall responsibility for the office, working closely with RPS country manager Sam Roh. Alun advises across RPS ongoing projects in Korea and the wider APAC region, including on ESIA projects and site selection and feasibility work.  He has also worked to establish and develop various partnerships for RPS in Korea, Japan and Vietnam. Alun retains responsibility for evaluating emerging offshore wind markets and developing and implementing market entry strategies.

He is an experienced speaker and has delivered keynote presentations and technical seminars at conferences in Europe, the US and APAC (most notably in Vietnam and Korea) on the subject of offshore wind. He has also developed and delivered offshore wind related training both externally to governments and their agencies and to internal staff programmes.

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