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Oatley Train Station Upgrade, NSW

Oatley Train Station Upgrade, NSW

RPS was engaged by Transport for NSW to assess the visual impacts of new infrastructure designed to improve accessibility at Oatley Train Station in southern Sydney as part of the New South Wales Government’s Transport Access Program. The new facilities provide improved integration with the Oatley precinct including better connections with the surrounding area and enhanced legibility for users.

Station upgrading work includes a new stair and lift access to the station platforms with new forecourts, a new pedestrian footbridge, interchange upgrades such as taxi and bus stop locations, cycle parking, lighting, canopies for weather protection, and expansion of the existing surface car park to a two level commuter car park.

The reports were prepared as part of the Review of Environmental Factors (REF) and describe the existing landscape character within the local context of the project, assess the existing local visual context, rate the importance of key view sheds including the impacts of the proposals on the visual landscape and identify mitigation strategies to help reduce visual impacts.

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