Key Contacts

RPS uses its significant international consulting experience and local knowledge to help influence world-class outcomes in the energy, mining, infrastructure, urban growth and natural resource management sectors.

Key Contacts

Bill Abbott, P.E.

Bill Abbott, P.E.   |   President  |   Send Email

Brent Christian, P.E.

Brent Christian, P.E.   |   Senior Vice President  |   Send Email

David Balmos, P.E.

David Balmos, P.E.   |   Senior Vice President  |   Send Email

Tony LaPierre

Tony LaPierre   |   Technical Director - Seismic Operations and Site Investigations  |   Send Email

Alvin Chapman

Alvin Chapman   |   Director  |   Send Email

Wayne Klotz, P.E., D.WRE.

Wayne Klotz, P.E., D.WRE.   |   Senior Principal  |   Send Email

Tom Ramsey, P.E.

Tom Ramsey, P.E.   |   Senior Vice President  |   Send Email

Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson   |   EVP & Canada Country Manager  |   Send Email

Doug Matthys

Doug Matthys   |   Chief Operating Officer  |   Send Email

Lona Coates

Lona Coates   |   Vice President, Land Services  |   Send Email

David O'Hara

David O'Hara   |   Vice President Business Development - E&P Environmental Services  |   Send Email

Toss Stubbs

Toss Stubbs   |   Executive Vice President  |   Send Email

Larry Barkley

Larry Barkley   |   Senior Vice President - Operations  |   Send Email

Steve Kline

Steve Kline   |   P.E. President  |   Send Email

Adrienne LaPierre

Adrienne LaPierre   |   Senior Vice President  |   Send Email

Robin Markussen

Robin Markussen   |   Manager, HSE & Risk Management  |   Send Email

Bart Standley, P.E.

Bart Standley, P.E.   |   Vice President  |   Send Email

Katherine Ostroff, P.E.

Katherine Ostroff, P.E.   |   Sales Manager  |   Send Email

Andy Kirchin

Andy Kirchin   |   Executive Vice President, Consulting and Training Business Units  |   Send Email

Peter Mulholland

Peter Mulholland   |   Senior Vice President, Advisory /Training  |   Send Email

Todd Bernhardt

Todd Bernhardt   |   Principal  |   Send Email

John Yang, CG

John Yang, CG   |   Senior Vice President  |   Send Email

Chris Blume P.E.

Chris Blume P.E.   |   Vice President  |   Send Email

Rob Balas

Rob Balas   |   Principal  |   Send Email

John McLaughlin

John McLaughlin   |   Vice President  |   Send Email

Mike James

Mike James   |   Real-Time Systems  |   Send Email

Jill Rowe

Jill Rowe   |   Director Environmental Risk Assessment  |   Send Email

Kelly Knee

Kelly Knee   |   Technical Director  |   Send Email

Matthew Horn, Ph.D.

Matthew Horn, Ph.D.   |   Technical Director  |   Send Email

Daniel Mendelsohn

Daniel Mendelsohn   |   Engineering Projects  |   Send Email