Alaska Windfarm


Alaska Wind Farm, Dorest

Purbeck Wind Farm LLP

RPS obtained planning permission for four 125m high turbines following a successful appeal against the Local Authority's decision to refuse planning permission.

RPS provided all the Planning and Environmental support including preparation of the Environmental Statement for the proposal located in a quarry surrounded by heathland. A range of environmental surveys were undertaken including nightjar surveys using thermal imaging cameras.

Constraints mapping was used to advise on layout. Suitable routes for turbine delivery to site were identified and mitigation measures proposed to reduce adverse effects were recommended. RPS specialists attended public exhibitions and pre and post application meetings with stakeholders, including early consultation with statutory consultees.

Although RPS managed to secure a council resolution for approval, it was subsequently refused as the Council considered effects could not be addressed by planning conditions. An appeal was lodged followed by a public inquiry. RPS provided expert witnesses for Landscape, Noise and Planning. The appeal was allowed and planning permission granted. The inspector conclused that "the environmental and economic benefits would significantly outweigh the limited degree of harm that could occur"