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Water Resources

RPS has extensive experience in the provision of services that protect our natural resources and enhance our environment.

RPS delivers a wide range of water and environment consultancy projects, supporting the protection of our water environment. Working in collaboration with our clients and regulators our teams provide a wide range of services supporting the water, wastewater and water environment sectors. Our areas of expertise include:

Water Utility Infrastructure

Regulatory Compliance and Research

Water Resource Planning

Catchment Management

Flood Management

Surface Water and Drainage


Water Hygiene and Sanitation

Our dedicated team of river engineers, hydrologists, hydrogeologists, water resource planners, hydraulic modellers, ecologists, environmental experts and planners can provide the complete range of services necessary to deliver water resource schemes and manage our water environment. RPS recognises that integrated catchment management services deliver the greatest benefits for business, communities and our natural environment. Consequently RPS actively promotes stakeholder and community engagement at the early stages of a project to ensure solutions are developed that are sensitive to the requirements of all who live and work in our catchments.

Case Studies

Gore Water Supply Works Nitrate Monitoring

Gore Water Supply Works Nitrate Monitoring

Southern Water

RPS was commissioned by Southern Water to sample groundwater quality at Gore Water Supply Works (WSW) for nitrate pollution.

In previous years, groundwater quality at the WSW had been compromised by high concentrations of nitrate and the groundwater abstraction shut down until water quality improved. RPS completed a water quality investigation on the site to assess nitrate concentrations over time and determine the source of the nitrate pollution. The report provided by RPS was used to determine if the groundwater source could be returned to normal operations.

Impact of Climate Change on Demand

Impact of Climate Change on Demand

UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR) and Environment Agency

RPS was commissioned by UKWIR and the Environment Agency to derive evidence based estimates of the impact of climate change on the future demand for water.

A model was produced in partnership with HR Wallingford to enable water companies to confidently adjust demand forecasts for PR14. Key tasks comprised of analysis of weather–water demand relationships to derive statistically robust estimates of the impact of climate change on both domestic and commercial components of water demand. These derived relationships underpinned simulated climate change scenarios which ultimately provided the evidence to advise water companies on adjustments to water demand calculations.

The scope of the project included; a comprehensive literature review to fully understand the impact of climate change on demand, conduct an industry based workshop to present the methodology and engage with key stakeholders to fully understand their requirements and preferences, weather-water demand analysis, and facilitate a dissemination workshop to present the conclusions of the research and effectively communicate recommendations for adjusting water demand forecasts.

Maidenhead Ditch National Environment Programme Investigation

Maidenhead Ditch National Environment Programme Investigation


South East Water/Jacobs

In recent years it was thought that South East Water’s groundwater abstractions in Maidenhead were contributing to the lowering of water levels in the Maidenhead Ditch.

RPS supported the completion of an AMP5 Low Flow impact assessment of the Maidenhead Ditch with Jacobs, to assess the potential impacts of abstraction on the local water environment. Hydrogeological services provided by RPS included observation borehole design and drilling supervision, pump test design and interpretation, tracer tests, groundwater modelling review, groundwater level and flow analysis and stakeholder consultation.

Micro-component Per Capita Consumption Forecasting

Micro-component Per Capita Consumption Forecasting

Severn Trent Water

Severn Trent Water commissioned RPS to develop and deploy a modelling tool that produced scenario based micro-component forecasts of household demand.

As part of future water resource planning, the modelling assessed projected household water consumption for 16 geographical distinct areas, 2 planning scenarios (normal year and dry year, with and without the effects of climate change), several household metering categories and 6 micro-components. The project included the assessment of the potential effects on water consumption from future water efficiency measures and ensured compliance with the Environment Agency's latest Water Resources Planning Guideline.

Selling Pumping Station Refurbishment

Selling Pumping Station Refurbishment

Southern Water

RPS was appointed by Southern Water to pump test and take water samples from a groundwater abstraction in Kent.

The pump test and water quality sampling were undertaken to confirm the success of recent borehole refurbishment works on the site. Tasks comprised the test pumping of the borehole (Step Test, Constant Rate Test and Recovery Tests), water quality sampling and the interpretation and reporting of pump test and water quality data. The pump test identified an optimal start-up sequence and operation of the abstraction to ensure that future water quality was not compromised.