Scottish Water


Scottish Water

Water Mains Rehabilitation (DW5)

The Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS) is funding Scottish Water to deliver a £400m per annum Capital Investment programme following the publication of its Strategic Review of Charges 2010 (SR10).

Of that funding, £140 million has been allocated to Water Mains Rehabilitation work (DW5).

Based on its expertise, RPS was tasked to deliver network design and surveying services to deliver the Water Mains Rehabilitation works to Scottish Water. The aim of this project is to reduce the risk of water quality being degraded due to the condition of the distribution system, principally because of the presence of Iron and Manganese deposits.

The project commenced in 2010. To date, the main challenge for our designers has been to meet the quality output requirements for the lowest possible cost. A collaborative approach was identified at an early stage and the Design Teams joined the Delivery Teams in a co-located office. This opened communication lines and has been a key element within the project’s success and greatly increased efficiency.