Chemical Investigations Programme


Chemical Investigations Programme

United Utilities

The Water Framework Directive (WFD) sets out a ‘strategy against pollution of water’ and has a number of daughter directives which outline specific steps to be taken regarding certain compounds. The Priority Substances Directive was one of the first strategies established by the WFD.

The UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR) and the Environment Agency (EA) created the Chemicals Investigation Programme (CIP) to provide a substantial investigation programme into the management and control of the priority chemicals listed under the Priority Substances Directive.

RPS has been working on behalf of United Utilities undertaking the sampling and analysis of influent and effluent samples in order to assess the level of priority substances present within the wastewater network. Samples have been taken from residential and industrial discharges as well as from raw and final effluents at wastewater treatment works in order to model the input, release and end-removal stages of these substances.

Samples were collected, filtered into 14 different types of bottle, chilled and delivered each day to our laboratory at Letchworth. The project included sampling and analysis of treatment works’ effluent, in-works processes and upstream networks. It was completed on time in June 2012.