Leakage Detection


Leakage Detection

Northern Ireland Water

Northern Ireland Water (NIW) required RPS to undertake Leakage Detection Services.

The project encompassed all areas of Northern Ireland and required the detection, location, marking and reporting of water leaks throughout NIW’s distribution network.

RPS leakage detection specialists carried out thorough surveys of district meter areas (DMA) that had been prioritised for intervention by NIW.

RPS supported NIW in its aim to cost-effectively fulfil its leakage management objectives. Effective collaborative working arrangements led to improved leakage management business processes.

The principal benefits to NIW as a result of the project included:

The efficient and cost-effective attainment of NIW’s leakage detection objectives;

The embedding of improved leakage management processes; and

The development of trained, locally-based leakage detection specialists to complement NIW’s existing in-house resources and to help facilitate NIW’s regulatory operational efficiency targets.